About N.D. Campbell

Having grown up in a house filled with books and ideas, it was no surprise to anyone, least of all Nina, that her teens and early twenties were filled with adventures. Words had stretched the world she lived in beyond it's normal bounds.

She worked as a zookeeper, played in a band and travelled to America, England and Italy. When she finally staggered through the doors of a university, it was to study theatre and literature.

Then the adult world claimed her. Nina fell in love, found a serious job, bought a house and began adopting fur children with her beloved Bruce.

It seemed, to all who were paying attention, as if she'd settled down.

Still, her world was filled with words. At home, it was the books she devoured like chocolate. At work, in government communications and policy roles, she crafted them to influence and inform.

But Nina wanted more. She'd played with poetry and short stories for years. Over time she found herself weaving longer narratives, meeting fully formed characters in the darkest corners of her mind.

Five weeks of leave and she had the strong bones of a story. Working part-time let her flesh it out.

A few years on and Nina has traded nine-to-five for freelance work and the chance to focus on her fiction. Four novels in and she's ready to share her words with the world.

As she settles beside Bruce on the veranda of their regional New South Wales home, with Molly the Jack Russell nestled between them, Nina knows that the adventures will never stop coming, even if these days they are mostly lived on the page.