About N.D. Campbell

From the outside, it would appear that Nina (ND) Campbell has lived a fairly unassuming life.

Born in Adelaide, Australia, she flirted with excitement in her teens and early twenties, working as a zookeeper, playing in a couple of bands and visiting America, England and Italy as part of a student exchange program.

But eventually, the adult world claimed her, as it does so many of us. She went to university to study theatre and literature. On graduation, she found a serious job, fell in love, bought a house and together with her beloved Bruce, began adopting fur children.

Life seemed fairly settled. From the outside.

But as so often happens in life, all was not as it seemed.

Because Nina had always lived in a house filled with books. She devoured stories the way some people devour chocolate. Alright, the way she devoured chocolate too.

Her working world was filled with words. A career in public relations and government policy gave her the chance to shape words to influence and inform.

But she wanted more. The stories she loved had found fertile ground and before long she was weaving her own narratives, meeting her own characters in quiet moments alone.

She'd written poetry in her youth and played with short stories, but finally, she sat down at the computer to find out if that was really a novel that niggled at the back of her brain?

It was. A paranormal adventure romance about magic and witches and love that outlasts death that begged for a sequel. But before she could write it, another story came. Born of a loss so personal it begged to be written.

That was Lemon Tree. A contemporary novel about the often-tricky terrain between mothers and daughters.

Then an opportunity came to trade nine-to-five in favour of freelance work and a chance to focus on her fiction. She grabbed it with both hands.

Since then Nina has lived in regional New South Wales with Bruce and their mischievous Jack Russell, Molly. She's completed another novel, Thistledown, which is set in the magical highlands of Scotland and is busy writing another set in Sydney.

Nina's life still looks pretty ordinary from the outside. But inside it, there are worlds unfolding and so many stories still to be told.