Escape Velocity

by N.D. Campbell
Written on Friday, 1st May, 2018

Adventures in un-adulting

Dear readers,

I have tried 'adulting'. Really, I have.

I've given it more years of my life than I care to lay claim to. Can we maybe just agree that I've gotten everything out of the experience that it has to offer?

It hasn't been all bad, but let's face it, work is over-rated.

All that banging on about productivity and dress codes and timeliness. And some of the people I've worked with… Well – some have been great, but others have been no so great. Pretty sure that if I wrote some of the people I've worked with into a novel, you'd think I was pushing the bounds of believability.

Many of you have probably guessed that I worked in an office. I was lucky enough to write for a living, but sometimes even words can't save us.

Wash my mouth out!

I remember waking up one day and realising that there were a finite number of words that I would write before I died.

A bit grim, but too much adulting can do that to you.

So, what kind of words did I want to write? Did I want to craft cold corporate rhetoric for the rest of my life or play with passionate words that leapt off the page and into people's hearts?

I'm hoping you know which I picked, especially if you've read one of my novels.

But I still had to eat and pay my share of the mortgage.

That's right, as a bona fide adult I couldn't just think about myself. There was my beloved partner-in-life-and-crime, Bruce. And we're kind of attached to our rescue fur children. Currently, it's Molly, the irrepressible Jack Russell. There would be more, but Molly has made it abundantly clear that she was born to be an only child.

So, day after day I kept plodding into the office, sitting at my computer and playing with empty words, until…

My boss decided to pay me NOT to come to work!

Yes, that's a thing!

I was lucky enough to be born into the disposable generation. The redundant-redundancy generation. Good old Gen X.

Born between the abundant Baby Boomers and the extravagantly ambitious Gen Y and Millennials, I managed to secure the much revered 'redundancy payout'.

With the blessing of the Bruce, I packed up my adulting accoutrements and sent them to the op shop. I spent up big on PJ's, tea bags and tim tams and I dusted off the trusty home computer.

So, here I am, liberated from the adulting world and dipping my toe into the literary one.

If you like your books with a bit of sass, a lot of emotion and the odd laugh – check me out!

I'm about to be everywhere on the internet, and if I can talk a publisher into taking the leap, I might even make it to a bookshop near you.

But whatever happens, I've reached escape velocity, and all my adventures are now, officially, an adult free space!

Feel free to come and play with me xx